At Laika, we believe that our dogs can enjoy HEALTHY and TASTY food while SAVING THE PLANET at the same time!

After a lot of research into sustainable protein sources, we found that insect-based proteins have  great potential for their nutritional benefits and are highly sustainable to the environment.


We work closely with pet food nutritionists and entomologists to develop dog food that are great for dog’s nutritional needs and their taste bud, but at the same time, does not cost our Earth.

We choose insect protein as a key ingredient for our dog treat recipes because they have high protein, healthy fat, and a great source of vitamins and minerals suitable for dogs’ healthy diet.


We are very serious about what goes into our recipe. This is why we only choose the natural ingredients that you can pronounce and only those that are essential. We make sure there are NO salt added, coloring, flavouring, or artificial preservatives. Our pet food nutritionists make sure that each recipe is packed with essential nutrients and health benefits for your pups.

This is a golden opportunity for your dogs to enjoy healthy, tasty treat, and save our planet at the same time!

Join us and be a part of our journey! 

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