At Laika we believe in a circular economy and upcycling. We see value in what most hooman may see as a waste and we turn them into something more useful. This is how we turn our belief into action which will help to save our planet! 

As many of you may already know, there are tons of food being thrown away every day. It was estimated that one third of the food that hooman produced goes to waste! In Thailand alone, it is more than 17,000 tons per year. Some of these are edible fruits and vegetables from grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants. 

Our team at Laika carefully selects these pre-consumed (not hooman’s leftovers), organic fruits and vegetables and gives them a new life as a food source for our closed-system insect farm. Our insects will be fed only with organic (pesticide/chemical free) fruits and vegetables. They turn them into healthy protein and fat which will be turned into high-quality protein powder and healthy oil suitable for food production.

Our insects are natural decomposers. The only by-product from our farm is a natural compose with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Our organic compost is highly suitable for growing green-leaf vegetables which local organic farmers can use to grow more organic produce. These organic produce will be supplied for grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants again and the process repeats itself. And this is our circular economy at Laika.

Each bag of Laika Treats helps to upcycle at least 500 grams of disregarded fruits and vegetables. So while your dogs are enjoying Laika Treats, they are helping hooman to save our planet at the same time! Thank you for being a part of our journey and creating circular economy together.

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